When Should You Buy Life Insurance?

Life insurance can be purchased at almost any age. There are plans that can be purchased for newborns and there is also life insurance for seniors. Buying a policy during retirement is becoming important nowadays, as funeral prices are increasing.

family happyOf course, the best time to buy a plan is when you start a family. You are young enough to get the best rates and hopefully you do not have any serious medical problems. If, for any reasons, you did not buy a plan when you were young, it is still possible to qualify for coverage and get affordable rates.

Age and life insurance prices

Age plays an important part when it comes to determining life insurance prices. Someone who is younger will always get better prices for his/her policy. An agency is interested in selling products to customers who have a low risk of dying in the near future.

Age is a good way of determining how much a person has left to live. Of course, years do not account for too much on their own. Age is important only if an agency considers the applicant’s current and past medical condition.

Life insurance for seniors

Elderly clients can qualify for a plan, but their rates will not be as good. Many state laws regulate the selling of coverage and agencies have to insure any eligible applicant who is not older than 65 years. After that age, finding affordable coverage is harder, but not impossible.

By comparing online life insurance quotes, you can find a good policy. Final expense plans for example will offer permanent coverage to senior citizens who are over 65 year olds. These policies do not ask for medical examinations and the application process is very simple: the applicant has to answer four simple questions.

The underwriting process is also short and a plan can be issued in less than 24 hours. Final expense is an accessible plan that provides good life insurance for seniors. You can compare quotes and find our more by visiting our website. Click here!