How to Find Life Insurance if You Have a Pre-Existing Medical Condition?

Sick people are never considered the ideal candidate for any type of insurance. In fact, they are considered unsuitable and their application papers are dismissed as soon as companies find out about preexisting medical problems. It is quite challenging to find life insurance if you have a pre-existing medical condition.

heart.attackStill, getting a more expensive and restrictive life insurance is better than not having life insurance at all. One solution for this problem is to apply for life insurance without examinations.  They are not cheap, but the benefits are guaranteed.

The chances of getting life insurance directly depend on the nature of the diseases. There are some conditions that not even a no-exam life insurance retailer will not tolerate. It would be wise to consult the blacklist of unwanted diseases before you apply.

People suffering of cancer, HIV, AIDS or a terminal condition are most likely to be turned down by all insurance companies, even by those selling no medical exam life insurance.  However, former cancer patients and heart attack survivors might be accepted for some policies.  There are several ways to search for a compatible policy.

First, ask a risk impaired specialist. You can never go wrong with this method. Some life insurance brokers have specialized in finding life insurance for sick citizens. One of them specialized further in obtaining life insurance for a specific disease. There are brokers who work with former cancer patients or with a particularly chronic disease.

Contact a broker and let him analyze your case. The other method is to search for life insurance quotes and compare prices. But, you will have to know what exactly to look for. Still, this method is fast and you do not have to pay any fee for counseling.

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