What Is Short Term Medical Insurance?

couple-MedicareInsurance market is complex and not all products are so well known by the common folk. For example, few people are able to tell what short term medical insurance is.

Besides telling that is a medical insurance and it is bought for a short amount of time, other things are not added. In this blog post we will reveal more about this policy and why you should get it.  And, as usual, before applying for this policy, we encourage you to scan the market for all offers and get free life insurance quotes.

Short term medical insurance is a health insurance designed for people without any medical insurance or who are waiting to get a longer term medical insurance.  Accordingly to Affordable Care Act (ACA), short-term medical insurance is not considered minimum acceptable coverage. You will still be penalized if you do not get appropriate medical coverage.  Purchasing short term life insurance is useful for a series of circumstances.

For example, you are on change of employment- it will protect you between jobs.  Also, you must be protected between enrollment periods, in case you have just narrowly missed the last period.  Some activities need proof of insurance and this policy will solve all your problems. So, it is always a good option to buy short term insurance if you are required to have any type of medical insurance.

Most short term insurance policies have a coverage period of 30 days.  At the end of the coverage period, you can re-new the policy. Well, even if you need coverage for less than 30 days, you will still need to make a single payment representing 30 days coverage cost.  You should review all insurance plans details and compare prices using life insurance quotes.  Online brokerage websites are the ideal places where you can obtain relevant quotes.

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